I am a creative, efficient and freelance professional with 25+ years of experience in freelance work and consulting for User Interface (UI) and Design (UX),  graphic design, newsletter publications, web development, programming, and printing projects small and large-scale 
I work with Adobe applications and WordPress creating content for the web, print, social media, apps and PowerPoint creating lively, beautiful presentations. 
I  developed an online classroom membership website for learning dressage tests at the domain www.TheDigitalHorse.com.  The site offers online animated classrooms and downloadable printed materail
Currently, I work as the Online Systems Coordinator at the Farmington Public  Library where I  am responsible for all the libraries, print, online, and social media content from concept to implementation.  I am currently heading a team implementing a new WordPress site.  
2019 Summer Reading Program
Robin and Sonny
NM Sunset
Robin and Brio
2019 Summer Reading Program Artwork
Robin and Cozy
2019 Summer Reading Program Artwork
Baby Brio
2019 Summer Reading Program Artwork
Horse Yoga
Robin and Sonny Selfie
Tulip on the Bisti
2019 Summer Reading Calendar
Chi Sketch
Eleanor and Soony
Cat and Kid
Foster Kitten
Tulip Sketch
Narooto Sketch
Lamb Sketch
Robin and Taco
Angel and Rory
Yowie Sketch
Relax and Thrive
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